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Hello, welcome to my book review blog. You'll find reviews for an eclectic mix of books, including urban fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, romance, young adult, and the occasional children's book. If you would like to inquire about sending me your book to get it reviewed on my blog, send me a message on the contact page with a description of your book and I will let you know if I think it will be a good fit. I am currently accepting books for any of the above mentioned genres.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

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by Laurinda Wallace

Gracie is in full support of her friend Marci opening a B&B in an old, restored mansion with a haunted past. Its going to be Christmas themed year-round and this weekend a select group of travel writers will be staying so they can write reviews and spread the word. But things a re going wrong from the start, beginning with skeletons in the basement and ending with murder.

This was wonderful cozy mystery, with a very interesting background on the mansion to set the scene. I haven't read the rest of this series but for the most part that didn't give me an issues. The characters were varied and fairly well written but the abrupt scene changes with no transitions could sometimes be hard to follow. There was so much going on that it got confusing at times and some of the side stories didn't lend much to the book as a whole. Those would be my only main complaints though, I definitely enjoyed the story being told.

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by Addisyn L. Tyler

Jette is a witch deep in hiding from the BReach, that government order that controls everyone and everything in the supernatural world. They want her for stealing magic, a big no-no, and the problem is that stolen magic is literally burning her up from the inside-out. She's trying to hid it from her human co-workers as she works as an evidence technician, when a murder case involving magic crosses her desk. At the same time an agent from Breach has found her so now her only hope is to convince this vampire agent to work with her to solve this murder to give her more time to figure out her next plan to escape.

I thought this was a great mystery and a fast read. There was good world building and an interesting take on magic when it's possible to have too much inside of you. The main character was interesting and for once didn't swoon at the first man she's spent any time with like in so many books. I'll be interested in finding out what happens next.

by Anni Tayler

Kate is a sixty-something detective in Australia with a strong track record of catching killers and who probably isn't going to retire until they force her to. But things hit close to home when her granddaughter is kidnapped from daycare, along with four other 3-year-olds. The book spends a large amount of time at the beginning describing all the leads Kate and the other detectives follow to try to bring the kids back, until suddenly, over three years later, four of the kids are simply safely returned, with only Kate's granddaughter still missing. Now its on to find Ivy, no matter what.

This was slower paced at first but only because it was so realistic. Detective work is all about chasing leads that don't actually pan out but each one makes you feel hopeful for the characters, especially with kids involved. The plot was a little different, with five kids taken instead of just one and the twist when they are returned unharmed. It was an excellent thriller, well written and keeping you guessing.

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