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The Mistletoe Muders (Gracie Andersen Mystery #6)

by Laurinda Wallace

Gracie is in full support of her friend Marci opening a B&B in an old, restored mansion with a haunted past. Its going to be Christmas themed year-round and this weekend a select group of travel writers will be staying so they can write reviews and spread the word. But things a re going wrong from the start, beginning with skeletons in the basement and ending with murder.

This was wonderful cozy mystery, with a very interesting background on the mansion to set the scene. I haven't read the rest of this series but for the most part that didn't give me an issues. The characters were varied and fairly well written but the abrupt scene changes with no transitions could sometimes be hard to follow. There was so much going on that it got confusing at times and some of the side stories didn't lend much to the book as a whole. Those would be my only main complaints though, I definitely enjoyed the story being told.

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