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Bait and Switch (Driftwood Mystery #1)

by Addisyn L. Tyler

Jette is a witch deep in hiding from the BReach, that government order that controls everyone and everything in the supernatural world. They want her for stealing magic, a big no-no, and the problem is that stolen magic is literally burning her up from the inside-out. She's trying to hid it from her human co-workers as she works as an evidence technician, when a murder case involving magic crosses her desk. At the same time an agent from Breach has found her so now her only hope is to convince this vampire agent to work with her to solve this murder to give her more time to figure out her next plan to escape.

I thought this was a great mystery and a fast read. There was good world building and an interesting take on magic when it's possible to have too much inside of you. The main character was interesting and for once didn't swoon at the first man she's spent any time with like in so many books. I'll be interested in finding out what happens next.

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