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A Life for

a Life

Being a police officer can be dangerous. Being a witch police officer is downright scary sometimes. Luckily Jess has been a member of Witch Inspectors to Serve and Protect, a.k.a. WISP, for several years now so she knows what she's doing. Or so she hopes.

For their first case together, Jess and her new partner, Charlie, are assigned a real doozy. Bodies are turning up that are literally just skin and bones, all of their fat gone as if it was sucked out of them. Jess suspects someone is stealing life forces, but the how is a mystery. There has also been a spree of witches going crazy due to unnatural magic in the air. Stealing life is about as unnatural as it gets so Jess is sure there must be a connection. Fortunately. her new partner is a touch sensitive and she's picking up all kinds of clues with her magic. Jess's own ability to see auras only tells her that there's a connection, as if the condition of the corpses wasn't clue enough.

Together they need to solve these murders before the whole city erupts into chaos as unnaturally dark magic continues to spread through Seattle.

"There's always something new around every corner..."    
-Byron F., Goodreads review
"An interesting story and well told!"
-Rhonda P., Amazon review  
"Fast-paced read"
 -Kelly C., Amazon review     
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