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Lizzie and Johnny are back again, but this time the Portal House is in trouble. Someone has cursed the house so that it can’t access magic. As a result, the House is dying. When the kids’ dear friend Inés tries to help, she ends up cursed as well! Now Lizzie and Johnny have to travel all over the world trying to find a way to break the curse and save their friends. But old enemies keep popping up and even a powerful spellbook said to belong to the wizard Merlin himself might not be enough to keep everyone safe.

Join Lizzie and Johnny as they encounter new spells, weird characters, and the legendary Master of Time and Space, who never quite seems to be what he appears.

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Want to know how the story started? Read book 1, The Portal House:

Old World Map
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When two twelve-year olds, Lizzie and Johnny, explore the local haunted house, they don’t discover your traditional ghosts. Instead, they find a house with a mind of its own and portals that can take them to other places across the world. Sure it’s nice getting a little free sightseeing in at Times Square in New York City or at Notre Dame in Paris, France, but the House isn’t the only thing with magic. There are witches and warlocks and even ridiculous talking statues to contend with and the kids are even able to learn a little magic of their own.
But where there are good people, there are also evil ones and this happens even in the world of magic. An evil warlock wants that portal house and he knows Lizzie and Johnny are the key. So now it's up to all their new friends and every bit of magic they've learned to keep the kids safe. Will it be enough though?

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Read what others had to say about The Portal House:

"I love this book because of the amazing adventures and friendship between Lizzy and Johnny."

                            -LitPick Reviews

"...a really fantastic and fun book."


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