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Witch Forgotten (Witches of Night Meadow #1)

by V. Vaughn

Corinne is a witch without a memory. All she knows is she has a family of witches who love her and a handsome man who might love her too. But something obviously happened to keep her away from him and Corinne doesn't know how she'l feel when her memory finally does come back.

This was a nice little paranormal romance, full of interesting characters. It was all about giving up the past, even if it was a little forced with the memory loss, and accepting people for who they are now so that they can freely love each other. Corinne is a fairly immature adult but the memory loss causes her to grow up and the premise behind the story was a little different from a bunch of other romances because of that. I would have liked a little more magic and there were some editing errors so it was a solid four out of five stars.

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