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Heartbreak Bay (Stillhouse Lake #5)

by Rachel Caine

This was a great, potentially last book in this series (as the author recently passed away). Once again Gwen Proctor and her family is being haunted by a crazy vigilant who doesn't believe that she didn't know about the actions of her serial killer former husband, but this time its even more personal. A madman is killing killers and a woman is missing after her two little girls are found drowned in the backseat of a car. As Gwen works the case from the P.I. angle and her friend Kez works it as a cop, circumstances appear different than they first seemed and the final showdown is going to put our heroines in grave danger if they want to protect their families.

The Stillhouse Lake series have gotten better with each consecutive book, in my opinion, and this one we really get to see everyone has grown. If it is the last one in this series, I am satisfied with how it was wrapped up and will enjoy re-reading the whole series one day.

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