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Cross Waves (Mind Hackers #2)

by Amanda Uhl

Geneva and Rolf are extremely powerful people with dangerous abilities and intense feelings for each other. Geneva's powers let her see colors and auras all around here, making her an excellent tracker as she can follow those colors from long distances. Rolf is a mind hacker but he is also hiding a secret about the very dark energy he must control inside him. Soon he discovers that Geneva's light is the key to keeping back the dark. Evil forces are conspiring against them, trying to steal their energy and destroy them, figuratively and literally, but they keep trying to believe in each other even when no one else will.

This is the second book in this series and while I didn't read the first one, I had no trouble keeping up with the story. The world this author built is a little different from other fantasy books so I liked that part. The constant struggle for the two main characters to control their powers started to seem almost immature after awhile but it was important to the plot. Overall I thought this was a pretty good book.

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