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To Seduce a Witch's Heart (Love & Magic #1)

by Nadine Mutas.

This was a pretty good paranormal romance with a sort of typical plot line. Merle's sister is missing so she decides to release a demon that is the same kind as the one who took her sister so that he can help track it. Rhun is a demon that's been trapped in the Shadows for twenty years and he'll do anything it takes to keep from going back, including seducing and stealing the powers of the witch who releases him. What neither expects is that they fall in love with each other but counsel of witches are determined to keep them apart.

Like I said, typical plot line but entertaining characters and some steamy scenes. It could have used more attention to the plot, there was very little action involving finding the sister and that seemed like it should have had more of a driving force. Sometimes the main character annoyed me with her actions as well because she played a typical "I hate you but I want to sleep with you" female character but overall it was a decent story.

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