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Skin & Bones (The Ever Chace Chronicles #1)

by Susan Harris

Skin & Bones follows a werewolf paranormal investigator, Derrick, and a human consultant who was brought up in the supernatural world, Ever. Someone is brutally murdering supernatural teenagers who are about to come into their own powers and its up to the whole investigating team to find whoever is doing it and stop them. Then there is also an instant attraction between Derrick and Ever and strange dreams that seem more like memories for Ever.

While the romance is typical for this type of book (think mates instantly in love after two days), the story line was a little different and interesting. All different species of supernaturals are represented together and for once, there are actual differences in how they act and live as well as different maturing rates that becomes significant in the story. It kept the story engaging and the characters diverse. There is a big cliffhanger at the end, though, so beware of that.

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