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One Night in Drake Mansion (Skeptic Detective #1)

by Channing Whitaker

One Night in Drake Mansion is a thriller set in a local haunted house. 80 years ago, a wealthy family goes to a magic show, inviting the magician back to their house afterwards. None of them are ever seen again and the house is shut up for decades. That doesn't stop the creepy noises and unexplained ghostly lights that the locals keep seeing though. Five people are offered a share of a million dollars to spend the night at Drake Mansion while on live television: a psychic, a skeptic, a ghost-hunter, an actress, and a local. Mysterious happening occurs throughout the night and millions are tuning in. The question remains whether they can solve the mystery or if supernatural forces will keep them away.

This was a fabulous mystery thriller! The whole book the reader goes back and forth between getting a perfectly logical explanation for each strange circumstance or being just as convinced that the ghosts are real. It made for a real page turner as I waited to see what happened next. I wasn't sure about this book at first because the beginning felt rushed and was difficult to read as you're introduced to over half a dozen characters all at once, but it got better quickly and I'm glad I stuck with it.

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