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Frost (Midnight Ice, #1)

by Kaitlyn Davis

This was a very good book but I was super disappointed by the ending. I would have been okay with the cliffhanger but I was hoping for more answers to the question alluded to the entire book: what is Evalle?

Evalle starts life as a titan but one with unique powers that allows her to become one with the shadows and makes her invisible. This makes her an outcast with the other titans so she runs away at 15 and becomes a vampire, eventually building a life for herself as a master thief. When her old boyfriend, Jax, shows up, she is now running from the past and present dangers, as well as trying hard not to fall in love with Jax again.

It's an interesting world built by the author and Evalle is a well written character. Though I find her desire to forget everything a little frustrating, by the end you understand why she is that way and you're rooting for her to find the answers. We get a small taste of those answers, but it really would have been better to get at least that one most important question answered instead of just a teaser so you have to buy the next book. I probably will though because I did really like the story.

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