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Freeze (Midnight Ice #2)

by Kaitlyn Davis

Pandora is in a supernatural jail, waiting for death but still having no idea why all her captors want her dead. Sam, the mysterious guy in the shadows who follows her around and claims to have loved her for a thousand years, teaches her how to expand her powers and helps her escape, along with another prisoner who is a medium. The medium is Pandora's key to finally learning who and what she is but the answers might not be the ones she was hoping for.

I got hooked on this series after the first book, but I admit I was much more satisfied with the way this one ended versus the first one. True, the story is definitely not over but at least we aren't left with a bunch of annoyingly unanswered questions. I like that Pandora is finally facing things instead of running, sort of growing up instead of acting like a scared teenager, and with the two love interests I'm curious to see which one she finally ends up with. Both kind of seem like jerks so maybe it'll be neither. I guess I'll have to keep reading to find out!

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