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Daddy Darkest

by Ellery Kane

This book was like two stories, one in the present and one in the past, that didn't merge together very well. We start in the present with two teenagers taking a little weekend getaway, with a lot of talk in the background about an escaped convict. When one of the girls goes missing, the other is left reeling with possible connections to this escaped murderer.

The story set in the past is more developed and I believe is given more attention. In it we have Clare, a prison psychiatrist with so many mental issues of her own that I'm not sure how she ever believed she could help someone else. Clare becomes intrigued by one of the inmates there, Clive "Cutthroat" Cullen, and soon falls in love with him. He's the one she really loves but that doesn't stop her from using her body to get what she needs from other men as well, an influence from her abusive past.

I didn't much like Clare as a character because so many of her decisions were so messed up that I couldn't relate to her, but I will say that she was a fairly well-developed character by the author. There was a lot less attention given to the young people in the present story, who mostly just flew from one scene to the other, and it could be difficult to understand what was going on sometimes. It was certainly a psychological thriller, though I pretty much saw all the twists coming.

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