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Consumed (Agent Hank Rawlings, #2)

by E.H. Reinhard

Dismembered women's bodies showing signs of cannibalism are showing up by the side of the road in rural Tennessee, same as thirty years ago. Agent Hank Rawlings and his partner Beth Harper from the FBI are sent to investigate, finding some gory evidence and a disinterested local police presence. The horrors they find will haunt them for a long time.

This was an interesting crime thriller, a bit on the graphic side, but fascinating in a gruesome way. We get points of view from both Agent Hank as well as the killer so you get to be completely repulsed by one while rooting for the other to catch him as soon as possible. I thought there was a little more detail than strictly necessary about the every mundane action the characters took but the characters themselves were fairly well written and the story a page-turner. This is the first book I've read by this author and though it's the second book in a series, I had no problem with it as a standalone book. I'll be looking for this author again!

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