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Broomsticks and Burials (Magic & Mystery #1)

by Lily Webb.

Totally loved this one! Zoe is a reporter looking for work so when she's offered a job at Moon Grove, she jumps at the chance. The second she boards the bus to the small town, though, she can tell something is up. The driver is looking at her like lunch and a golden retriever who transforms into a handsome man is the one to greet her. Zoe has stumbled into a magical town full of supernaturals creatures and is beyond shocked when her own witch heritage makes her feel right at home. But there is murder and mayhem in Moon Grove and it's up to Zoe to get to the bottom of it if she wants to make a place for herself there.

This was a super fast-paced book with some great world building. Think Halloweentown but the adult version. Witches are powerful, vampires are scary, and the police force is made up of werewolves. My only complaint was that the beginning seemed a little rushed but it gets you to this new and exciting world that much faster so maybe that's a good thing! The characters are entertaining and the story makes for a quick who-dun-it. I found it very enjoyable to read and will definitely be finding the rest of the series.

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