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Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4)

by Rachel Caine.

First you should know that I am a huge Rachel Caine fan. Her Weather Warden and Morganville Vampires series are both excellent and I highly recommend checking them out.

This is the fourth book in her Stillhouse Lake series, which is a series I am less in love with but it's not bad and I am a loyal author reader. The series follows a mother who was married to a serial killer and her trials trying to find a safe place to live with her two children when all the public wants is revenge for the deeds of her husband.

I liked this book better than some of the previous Stillhouse Lake books. It finally moved away a bit from their past with a serial killer, though the past will always come up. In previous books, the way people treat this poor family makes me so mad that it was actually hard to enjoy the book sometimes. In Bitter Falls, I was able to get into the mystery of the story more and of course, Rachel Caine always gives an interesting plot to follow. Here, our heroine, Gwen, has remade her life as a private investigator and is assigned a new case where a young man as gone missing and a local cult is suspected to be to blame. She investigates the cult while trying to deal with the local militia at home coming after those she loves. It's another harrowing thriller Gwen Proctor isn't sure they'll all survive.

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