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Only One Cure (FBI and CDC Medical Thriller #2)

by Jenifer Ruff.

Dr. Madeline Hamilton is one of the best in her field and works for the CDC so she never knows when the call will come in to take her away to unknown places but this latest case is the most disturbing so far. The president of the United States' own son, along with several of his classmates, have all been affected by a neurological toxin and they're deteriorating fast. It's up to the doctors Madeline has assembled to save the lives of the children of some of the most influential people in the country. Its up to the FBI and Madeline's love Quinn, to find the terrorists responsible for releasing the toxin in the first place. This was my first book by this author and it was quite the medical thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the varied cast of characters. If there was one flaw it would be that sometimes the flow of the story was a little jerky, which would have been helped by a little more description. Overall, though, it was a great story and an interesting medical mystery.

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